Get Paid to DATE.

Most Dating apps these days expect you to pay to see who’s checking you out. On DDATE We pay YOU to go on dates, not the other way around! And because all actions are recorded on a transparency public blockchain we can allow users to rate each other and their dating experience. Steem and telos Blockchain technology provides the backbone of a robust Social media and Smart Contract Social Network platform for users looking to date and be rewarded for going on dates.  Get paid crypto to start meeting people in real life!


DDATE users get paid the DATE token whenever content is provided related to a date created by a match on our system, of two users updating each others photo. . Users can withdraw that token to Telos DATE  (Soon to be listed on Newdex Telos Trading Zone)

DDATE Investment Cycle

DDATE provides tokens to users who post their dates and provides matches, for crypto loving users. and banjo steem engine tip bot along with distribubot can provide simple methods to reward users who rate each other.

10 Billion DDATE token MAX Supply or ten times that of EOS provides freedom to give every human 1 DDATE token.

The MAJOR Problem Problem

Most cryptocurrency requires a transaction fee but DATE token on Steem and telos for DDATE is completely free to send in any transactable amount above 0.001 DATE/ We can handle micro transactions and many small DATE tokens will be given out to reward various micro tasks for behavioral improvements. For example  people who work out and “peacock” after experiencing low results for matches can show effort and get rewarded in small amounts of DATE tokens taken from one of the pools set aside for tips and micro behaviours. We hope we can actually change people’s behaviour with crypto to help develop men and women into better dates!

DDATE for Crypto Investors

  • and its DATE token appeals to any investors looking to purchase nearly 10% of a projects max supply, which is now on sale at

Decentralized Network Across Two Blockchains

  • Two Blockchains serve DATE. STEEM and Telos. And each one provides a unique use case for the decentralized dating dapp project including Social Media and Smart Contracts.

Crypto Developers

  • DDATE is the perfect project for a beginner developer looking for something easy to learn STEEM and Telos with! The more DATE tokens you stake the more of a hand you will be given developing in the project.  Comment bots and nitrous front end modifications will all be needed and  a team of developers working in  decentralized manner always gets more done than a closed team.

Instant Payments with DATE

  • DDATE comes with the speed of STEEM, 10,000 TX per min max and a confirmation every 1.5-3 seconds.
  • DDATE tokens DATE have a built in Telos smart contract feature
  • DATE tokens will be used with a Steem Tribe nitrous front end dapp and a Telos main net dapp for the matching of users on a blockchain database using Ai analysis of their their steem posts and social media interests to create the best matches.


DATE token provides the solution for Tinder style dating apps constantly asking you to pay them. We now offer to pay users bounties for various outdoor activities, with actifit style rewards for walking we can combine this with GPS challenges from our partner the Challenge app and have a map full of challenges where you can MEET people and go on DATES all while earning the DATE coin or DATE token, whichever you prefer.  DATE solves the problem of dating apps trying to SELL you a date, when we should get rewarded for human activity.

Easy to use Blockchain Dapp

STEEM and Telos make Blockchain a breeze.

Free Accounts

Get a free telos Account with for DDATE.

Free Wallets

DDATE can provide millions of free Telos Wallets for its users and thousands on steem.


DDATE exists on two DPOS Blockchains. Delegated Proof of Stake.

Full Transparency

DDATE runs on the fully public Steem and telos Blockchains

Zero fees

DDATE on Steem and Telos have absolutely no fees for transactions (If you have stake)

Decentralized Network

Decentralization means the community has power over this dating network and who gets seen more.

Rate your Date

Rate your Date can allow us to gather valuable data for matches transparently.

The App Apps

Anyone with a smartphone can participate with DDATE. Discord and Telegram with will also make it easy for everyone to get rewarded for dating online

DDATE Mobile App will use PWA and then native Mobile App lerning from Appics team to create a teem based mobile experience that can rival Tinder, while we use the Telos smart contracts to allow our dating dapp to allow the user to understand their own stats and algorithms.

  • DDATE on Telos
  • DDATE in SQRL Wallet and BANCOR liquidity Pool

Token Sale TOKEN

DDATE Tokens will be sold to fund initial development on steem-engine and newdex at a starting price of 10% of the max supply for 10 billion tokens for Approx. 50,000 steem or around $5000USD approx at the time of writing.

Users are also free to earn DATE tokens freely with an abundance of bounties nd soon, social media dapp via SpotBot Steem Engine nitrous, so users are not encouraged to purchase any DATE tokens unless serious blockchain developers who understand the risks and who understand that investing any money has no guarantees and it should only be made with disposable income. This is not financial advice., do your own research. We will give plenty of opportunities for users to earn tokens without having to purchase them.


Oct 8, 2019 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

980000000 DDATE


Jun 20, 2020 (11:00AM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

1 STEEM = 20000 DATE 1 TLOS = 10000 DATE

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount


  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

of tokens

of proceeds

Acomplishments Accomplishments


Sept 2019

Steem Engine Token Created and Listed on

Oct 2019

Token White Paper Drafted

Nov 2019

Website Launch and New White paper Drafted.

Nov 2018

Listing on Telos Trading Zone

DDATE Team Powered by Telos and Steem Community TEAM

DDATE Team emerged organically from the DPOS system of Social media and Smart Contract blockchains.   Team members live all around the world so we will be ready to chat with you 24/7 365 on discord voice chat or telegram

Zachary Williams
CEO & Lead Blockchain

Zachary Williams has been involved with Stem and Telos Blockchains for over 2 years and received a degree in Digital Media from the University of California at Santa Cruz

PWA APP and Front End Developer

Blockchain App Developer

Community Management







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