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Decentralized Dating Network DAPP

Unique decentralized dating dapp project including Social Media and Smart Contracts.

How it works

1. Rewards

We pay you to date, not the other way around! , we may allow users to rate each other and their dating experience. get rewarded for going on dates. Receive cryptocurrencies to start meeting people in real life!

1. Distribution System

DDATE provides tokens to users who post their dates and provides matches, for crypto loving users. and banjo steem engine tip bot along with distribubot can provide simple methods to reward users who rate each other.

1. Dapp functions

Anyone with a smartphone can participate with DDATE. Discord and Telegram with will also make it easy for everyone to get rewarded for dating online. while we use the Telos smart contracts to allow our dating dapp to allow the user to understand their own stats and algorithms.







No Wallet Deposit

DDATE can provide millions of free Telos Wallets for its users and thousands on steem.

Reputation System

Rate your Date can allow us to gather valuable data for matches transparently.

Instant Payments

Powered by the telos blockchain, smart contract finally makes instant peer-to-peer trades and confirmations possible.

Reputation System

Users are paid the DATE token for each content related to a date created by a match in our system, of two users updating the other's photo.

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